Thank you for attending tonight’s Ideal Protein Informational Seminar. We appreciate your interest in our program!! If you didn’t make it to tonight’s virtual seminar, you can schedule another one at your convenience by visiting

If you attended and are ready to sign up, we can’t wait to start this journey with you!  Here’s the timeline that to expect next:

1. First, we need to get your Health Profile filled out! You can do that electronically by visiting

2. Next, we will send you Zoom information for your 60-minute food class. Food Class is offered every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. This is where all your food questions will be answered and we will tell you when to pick up your starter bag and vitamins.

3. Download the Ideal Protein App. This will be required for recording your weight and measurements.



If you have any questions in the meantime, please email our Health Coach Jessica at [email protected].

Southern Pharmacy is proud to a partner with Ideal Protein.  We are located at 3001 Apache Drive, which is where you can pickup your food weekly.  We also offer free in-town delivery to your home or workplace.  That goes for your family’s  prescription too!

Thank you for trusting use with your journey!